1 Gerrit Boone

2 Cor de Vos

3 Leonick Hehenkamp

4 Jan van den Brink

5 Aart de Zwaan

6 (statigere)

7 (statigere)

8 Bertus Scholten

9 Frits Becht

10 Wilco Boonstra


Juni 1981

** Quote **

I (Mr. M. Sato) remember very well the day this picture was taken.

It was in June '81 which was just before Mr. Kanamori bacame Chairman of MHI.

Mr. Kanamori visited SAMOFA to see it as the President of MHI who bought out SAMOFA.

What is unforgettable to me was when we had meat dish of deer at lunch time, 

there were somehow several bullets of shotgun in the cooked meat for Mr. Kanamori.


Mr. Kanamori was so generous and did not complain about it, but continue eating putting bullets aside.

I remeber everybody by sight.


For other people whose names are not known, I will try to see if there is still the old documents in my garage.

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** Quote **

I could find the old documents, but it was not complete enough.

Mr. Brouwer belonged to Sales, but he resigned the company after several months of Service, 

and there is no record remaining about him.


Afterwards in '83, there was a drastic restructuring of the company and about 10 people 

among them were obliged to leave the company which was a very sad memory to me.

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11 Wichert van Zwolle   

12 Arie Waardenburg

13 (statigere)

14 Gijs van Oostrum

15 Willem van Rheenen

16 Jan van den Os

17 Henk Jansen

18 Kees Mouw

19 Dick Wijnen

20 Elbert Hop

21 Jaap den Herder

22 Hans Boon

23 Joke Schaftenaar

24 Rolf Bauer

25 Frank Reinders

26 Paul Brouwer

27 Tony van de Bunte

28 Binnie Postma

29 Ruud Centino

30 Gerard Töpfer

31 Beerd Zuurveld

32 Piet Steffen

33 Wim Schutter

34 Jan Duitman

35 Marti Bijnen

36 Willem Wetters

37 Dickie Cageling

38 Hideki Shiraishi

39 Hirobumi Ohta

40 Hisao Kanamori

41 Theo van der Pas

42 Tokio Tsuchihashi

43 Mitsuo Satoh

Na enige tijd kwam er een oude foto boven met de oud-medewerkers van Motorenfabriek Samofa.

Na vele E-mails en oud-collega's uit Nederland en Japan hebben we (bijna) alle namen erbij kunnen zoeken.